Tough Talk part II

On Board Rogon Starship
Alchibah Star system:

Shintok; krett-N paced back and forth in front of the prostrate form of Richard Redmond.

“Report slave” the Humanologist from an alien world commanded.

“Master I have made contact with my agent on Urruth not. He will do my bidding, and help to bring the rebellious slaves to our rule”

krett was not impressed “you may call this world Alchibah, its inhabitants do. We have interrogated quite a few of your rebels by now; your spy had better be able to provide superior information than that of the captives. We do not wish to be disappointed with you again.”

Redmond bowed even lower “Do not worry master I will not fail you this time”

The Rogon scientist bowed down himself, his cruel reptilian face close to Redmond’s, “No you won’t…we have studied you humans for thousands of your years, and always there have been men such as you, men consumed with hunger for power over others. In the time of the Pharaohs, during your inquisition, the rise of communism, creatures such as you made themselves our slaves, to satisfy evil ambition. No we have no doubt you’ll serve us well”

“Master! I swear I wish only to serve the great Rog…” But he had no chance to finish

“Silence!” roared out the Rogon, only inches from Redmond’s ears, “Obedience is!” krett regained his composure and spoke quietly again”
We who study you, understand your morality, in fact we find much to be admired in what humans have learned, A Rogon like Shintok; maylock-A sees you as just another slave, but I understand why your fellow slave despise you, and I agree, but that is why you are useful to us. Do not try to fool me with empty flattery”

Richard Redmond was not used to such abuse, but in his twisted mind these words were reassuring. As long as the Rogons needed him they would let him have power over the other humans, and the enjoyment over such power would be even sweeter.

Meanwhile, On the bridge:

“You see Captain, the snakes, err Rogons that is… they seem to be an all volunteer outfit; So when they decided to send this big mother through the black hole, none of em wanted to come” The person speaking was a short red headed woman in her late 20’s, dressed in the coveralls of a UNWG naval officer.

Hunter St. James leaned over the handrail of the balcony and looked down at the room below him, a dozen people manned consoles and instruments of human design while most of the bizarre alien machinery was unattended. Only one Rogon could be seen and he was apparently meditating. “What do you mean, none of them wanted to come, what exactly did they want to do?” he asked.

“Ensign Taylor’s right Captain,” answered Lew DeWalt “After the initial conquest, a lot of the Rogons developed a fascination with cattle ranching; half their invasion force is playing beef inspector in Argentina”

“So your saying this ship is totally manned with our people” Hunter replied

“Not exactly sir,” began ENS. Taylor “The Rogons could run her if they wanted to, and most of the operation is automated, but yes, right now it’s an all human crew.”

“So what’s the total naval compliment?” ask St. James

“We have 175…159 ratings and 16 officers, LT CMR. Antonovich being senior… until you came that is” she paused briefly “Anyhow we need a minimum of 80 to man the Deathfang and 10 to 15 for each dragonhead with 6 medical personnel that left us a little short…again until you came along sir”

St. James thought about this for a moment “One more question…why do they call her Deathfang?”

Ensign Wendy Taylor of the UNWG Navy turned a shade of bright red “Actually they don’t sir, the Rogons don’t name their ships, or if they do they don’t tell us…We sorta had a contest”

“I see” said St James, although he really didn’t “Very well Ensign you have the bridge, carry on. Captain lets adjourn to my cabin”

“Aye Aye, I have the bridge… Captain off the bridge”

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