Questioning is!

Planet Alchibah
The southern sky

Dragonhead ship 8 was streaking downward through the thickening atmosphere of planet Alchibah. Her approach path was almost due north having begun over the southern pole. A green nimbus of energy over 400 yards across surrounded her producing extra drag and a fiery wake to help reduce her velocity. As she reached her destination, she came to a complete stop and then gently settled to the ground just outside of the Rogon camp on the southern landmass.

The body of the ship glowed slightly and the sound of hull plates crackling from re-entry heat could be heard as portals dilated below each stubby wing. Strange multi-limbed creatures emerged and began to move to the camp. A careful observer would have noticed that of the two dozen or so, aliens, four held close together apparently to help one of their number whose ability to walk on so many limbs was obviously impaired.

As the aliens by ones and twos and the four passed through openings in the protective energy screen enclosing the camp, the sinister looking ship rose again into the air and returned to space the way she had come.

Shintok; elron-A was not the kind of reptile to question his world, but lately strange things had been happening to him, things he somehow needed to understand. He and his broodmates had come to this world, Urruth-not, for adventure and to help return these lost slaves to their rightful condition of Rogon domination.

But the slaves had done the unthinkable; they had attacked elron and his fellow Rogon soldiers, actually hunting them like prey! The most impossible thing of all, fragments from a slave thrown grenade had struck elron’s broodmate huk, seriously injuring his right upper leg socket.

Try as he might, elron could not imagine why anyone would try to hurt himself or his broodmates. Deep in his sub conscious fearful memories of his pre-childhood, an amphibious stage of life when he had been hunted by predators in the warm seas of Rogoss were trying to emerge.
Every Rogon kept such memories buried deep, very deep.

The Rogon doctor had done good work to repair huk’s mangled leg joint, but huk would still need time to heal. After finding space in one of the tents for huk and his broodmates, elron proceeded alone to the main dragonhead ship to find some answers.

Pipes and cables of all sorts had been brought out of every portal and opening in the ship, feeding power to the shield generators and various other equipment in the camp. Elron made his way into the ship to a particular compartment within and activated the security mechanism that would permit him entry.

The space beyond the door was empty with one exception, a naked slave was lying in one corner curled in upon itself, a short cable connecting the slave to a cleat on the wall. Erb Neilson jerked upright as soon as the alien entered. He quickly retreated into to corner, as if to squeeze into a hole that wasn’t there, his hands instinctively covering his manhood.

“Get away from me! I told you everything! Keep away! Please don’t hurt me again” His words made no sense to elron, this was just more strangeness.

“Slave attack Shintok, reason is?” elron began “huk hurt is, huk slave hurts not, human word…why is?”

Neilson’s fear only increased “Oh God! You’re crazy! I don’t know anything, let me alone, I…Don’t…Know…Anything!”

elron had had enough contact with humans to know that something was wrong with this one; his keening sense could feel the slave shivering and his muscles tensing and twitching. elron moved closer bending down towards the slave, all four arms reaching out in case the slave attacked.
“Slaves fight Shintok… slaves kill Shintok… slaves hurt huk… human word… why is?”

“Noooooo! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! We’re not slaves… we’re not slaves, damn you! This is our home. Go away! Please just go away”

Suddenly a new voice, a commanding voice was heard (in rogonese) “Slave away from must, obedience must, slave valuable is, damage not!” For this was the voice of Jaric; tilmer-N and he was accustomed to being obeyed. “Shintok… withdraw beyond portal, answers to me is”

And then, as both Rogons left the room and the door closed silently behind them; Erb Neilson slumped to the floor and began to cry.

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