We are so dead

Stuart Compound, Morning A+3

“Frak!” Kara yelled.

“What now?” BJ tentatively asked.

“Frak frak frak. Frakin’ frak. FRAK!”

“Uh, Kara sweetie, I don’t understand the Frak language. Could you please translate?” BJ asked in his nicest voice.

“Where are the god dammed diapers? How the frak can we be out of frakkin’ clean diapers? Who used the last one and didn’t say anything?”

BJ heard trashing noises and muttered to himself, “Frak.” Then he thought to himself, “I’ve been holed up with Kara too long. Her sailor mouth is rubbing off.”

“See if you can find some somewhere,” she yelled.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not snooping around Andy’s house!”

“Which is worse, him knowing we looked around for clean diapers, or him coming home to naked bottomed kids? They’re going to be home very soon, we have to do something, all the clean ones aren’t dry yet. And where are the twins? I bet they’re just loving this.”

“I think they’re hiding from you.”

“Why?” Kara said, still yelling.

“Oh, no reason, hon, they’re just being kids,” BJ said knowing full well the girls were now frightened of Kara, who had been becoming increasingly agitated as time passed.

BJ was now in the room with Kara, who was holding Terry up in the air, and rushed over to help. “Oh, I see the problem.”

“Yeah. I’ll carry Terry while you hold the towel underneath and we’ll run to the bathroom. We can at least get him cleaned up. Then we can search for something to use as a diaper.” Kara was finally calming down.

When they got to the bathroom, Kara handed Terry over to BJ and grabbed the shower head. BJ’s eyes got wide. “Are you serious? What am I supposed to do?”

“Just hold Terry still while I spray him off. And just watch out for….stuff.”

“Kara, I can’t believe we’re doing this. Whoa, watch the water!”

“Just keep him still, dammit!”

BJ thought to himself, “Andy better not be taping any of this.”

“Incoming!” warned Kara.

All BJ could say was “Frak.”

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