Done Here, Let’s Go Home

Mayflower A+3

From The Logs of Ashcroft Andrews

Finally we had the birds ready and I had done everything I needed to do for the Hamilton. It was time to go back Home. Funny how that phrase sounded, I thought Andy was crazy when he started using Clan Alchibah. I watched as Thorn and Jan came off the elevator trailing Sawbones and I knew he was right. This was the true family fate had never let me have, suddenly I understood, I like Andy would die before I let these people live as Slaves. From behind me came a voice.

“Figured it out did you love,” said Digger in that accent; “you at least had a semblance of a family and you at least knew your Father. I never did, He and Mom both died when I was two in the Jihad strike on Melbourne. This place is the first family I have ever known. I saw this coming long ago, do you seriously think Mariana will let that man quit now?”

I just had to ask, “You know the gamble Andy is fixing to pull and neither of us know if it’s going to work? Trouble is that I agree with him. We just cannot huddle down on the planet and get Alamoed by those Aliens. ”

Digger just grabbed me and kissed me, “I married the craziest damn Fighter Jock anybody has ever seen. Like an idiot like that would never take a chance, Saddle Up Love; let’s go get em.”

Summer Pierce looked at Mike Reye, “Guess that means we have three crews that won’t back down.”

Mike sighed, “Five if you are thinking. Steel and Williams will not back down and you clearly forgot Jai and May. I am almost willing to bet you can make it six with Natasi and Glenda. The only question left is, do we make it seven?”

The face that looked back at Grinder was clearly Thorn, “I guess we do. Crazy aren’t we?”

“Did you think the Boss kept anybody who wasn’t. Ask Laura! Nobody wearing this Patch is going to quit!”

I yelled hard enough for all to hear, “Saddle Up. Let’s go home!”

As we cleared Main Dock I asked, “Jan what can you guys take?”

Her laughter was like a breath of fresh air, “Ask Sawbones Ghost, he is the limiting factor.”

Kurt’s voice was right behind her, “I got my nausea pills and Ghost gave me a set of speed jeans. It’s not like I am real necessary on the way down anyway.”

I had to finish suppressing my laugh before I spoke over the chuckles on the General Channel, “OK Jan, you set the pace we will match you. When we get there Thorn, follow Jan right straight down, then I will pull out and do two high orbital passes all the way around for a weather check.” The replies were laconic.

“Thorn, Right.”

“Jan, oh sure!”

Digger stared at me, “Weather, like they believe that!”

I gave her my best dumb Fighter Jock grin, “Sounds Good for the Guardians ya know!”

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