No Pressure No Pressure

Evening Day 885 Ft Stuart


I watched as Kara entered the room with great trepidation. I could tell she was thinking “What’s he going to drop on me now?”

“Don’t worry Kara, I am not going to drop the world on you. But, I do have a little pop quiz for you.

“Imagine you are a Science Officer on a Rogon ship approaching a planet you have never seen before. You are approaching what appears to be a very low technology planet except, for one structure. It has high energy signatures everywhere, a large void underneath it that you cannot scan and structures at each corner that appear to be perfect for some kind of weapon placement.

“What do you tell your Capitan?”

“Uh, that I can’t tell her what that structure is, but it doesn’t look good so get the frak out of there…?” Kara said in an “isn’t it obvious so why are you asking” kind of way.

“Pretty well sums up why we never got a shot at those ships. Add that to the way you chased down that RNA strand for Doc Kellerman, plus your database work at the Lab sorta reads like a job description. One that I had planned for Robby McMaster until he decided to get too close to Hanna’s.

“He was supposed to be an Analyst, not running around playing line Infantry.

“Kara, I want you to take his job. And if you come out of that office, you don’t even want to think about where I am going to put that boot!”


“What was that all about?” BJ asked.

“You’re looking at Andy’s new Intelligence Analyst,” Kara said with a triumphant grin.

BJ had a worried look on his face. “While I am sick of being holed up with you, Kara, I still like you and don’t want anything to happen to you. How much do I have to worry?”

“No worries, Beej. It’s an inside, holed away in a safe place, type of job. Apparently he’s going to give me some military person to help me out, so I won’t be all alone either, which is nice. I basically get to analyze the data they send from the field and connect the dots.” Then Kara’s face slipped a little. “No pressure or anything. What the frak did I just get myself into?” She then sat next to BJ on the couch.

“No pressure. If anyone can connect the dots it’s you. Don’t sell yourself short, Kara.”

“Yeah, well, it wasn’t like I was his first choice,” Kara replied, still with a worry in her voice. “Mmmmmph.”

BJ laughed. “And Andy wouldn’t give it to you if he didn’t think you could do it. Now quit your whining!” he said while going for the tickle.

“Hey! BJ!” Kara giggled, which quickly turned to terror as she heard one of the kids heading their way.

“Don’t worry,” BJ said with a smile and a giggle, “Hannah and Jules are here, and I have a feeling they won’t let them near you for a while.”

To which Kara relaxed. But only a little.

“Just think of this new job of yours. Puzzle solving. Computers. Far from everyone else.” BJ coaxed.

To which Kara relaxed, melting into his arms.

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