one summer night

Shintok: elron-A had never been one to question life and the circumstances that he found himself in, until now. He had been unable to sleep and so he had left the shelter and his Broodmates; left the Rogon camp entirely and gone for a walk, across the plain that had until recently been the home of the Yelsig.

But the Yelsig (or ponies as the humans called them) were staying away from the Rogon camp. That suited elron fine, the humans were disturbing enough. Humans…he couldn’t call them slaves anymore. Elron had been taught the human speech, but he had seldom actually spoke to humans, or thought much about them…until three days ago when he had confronted the human prisoner, and now he was awake thinking about him and his words “We’re not slaves… we’re not slaves, damn you! This is our home”

elron didn’t understand this at all, “how could humans not be slaves” he asked himself, it went against what he had always known, but somehow he felt it was true. Jaric; tilmer-N had tried to explain, but it made no sense, the Rogon scientist had arranged for elron and his 3 brothers to serve as guards for the prisoners, at least until huk’s injuries were fully healed. elron had begun to approach the human soldiers and question them but this had simply added to his confusion, and amused the soldiers.

A warm wind was blowing through the grass; elron could smell the sea in the breeze, not the sea smell of the Shintok islands of Rogoss, but the sea nevertheless. Suddenly lights and noise erupted from the distant Rogon camp, elron turned around to see the green luminescence of the energy dome of the shield collapse and then Dagonhead 2 rise up and begin to fly toward the distant mountains, moving faster and faster until it disappeared beyond the moonlit peaks. The green dome reappeared above the remaining Dragonhead ship but elron paid no attention as he ran back through the tall grass as fast as his four legs could take him.

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