Assault on Engineering

When I learned that the UNWG had secured the Mayflower, I rallied as many of my crew as I could, and got even more volunteers from the civilians onboard. It looked pretty odd, seeing my crew with their burst-fire, SpecOps Battle Rifles alongside hunters and collectors with bolt-action and semi-auto hunting rifles.

We left the Lancer and boarded the Mayflower near the Engineering area. We made our way through the hollowed out caverns and reached the exhaust trenches near the area. Rallying near the front, we could see the UNWG infantry trying to dig in. I had our force split across the two bridges and charge their positions. Standard UNWG rifles are pretty poor weapons, their high recoil and poor accuracy are only offset by their cost in mass deployments. The other group broke through the enemy position first, and quickly flanked the group holding our bridge. Assuming that was it, from the early reports, the fool civilians started to celebrate. A quick recrimation and they were back on board, however.

We started towards the reactor, and it was obvious that they were defending the reactors themselves. This group was bigger than the force that held the bridges, but not by much. They opened up as soon as they saw us, but we met them head-on. A few civilians and one of my crew took some light hits, but we managed to eliminate the force holding the reactors. Emptying the corpses of anything of value, we found two UNWG officers, Black Lines. I had my crew strip them of their uniforms, any damage could be patched, and we might need them.

I reported into the captain that the reactors were secure. The only response I got was an open broadcast: ““Capt., Stuart here, any chance we can go for one of the docked Cruisers. They gotta be stocked for outer patrol, cause they sure did not beat us here from Earth. To All, if it’s a go any takers?”

My only response was “I’m in”. I looked at my militia, “If you’re wounded, get patched up and sit this one out. Otherwise, let’s go raiding!”

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