Find Me a Bar

Mariana entered the door just as I finished my message to the Captain.

“Ash, what the hell are you doing here”

“Near as I can tell, brining you some target practice.  By the way, hope there is enough left to ID.”

“His fingerprints are still in one piece!”

At this point I had to interrupt “Mariana, take Ash to his quarters to pick up his belongings.  Ash, if you have any civies; get into them.  We need you out of that damn uniform as fast as possible.”

Flipping open the wrist comp  “Bartlett and Jack,  securing down the Command Deck.  If the Captain wants to scrounge this tub or tie it down and scrounge it later it’s his call.  I am going to try to find the repeater the Goonies took down and get this tub back on the internal net.  Then, I am gonna find a bar!  Stuart Out!”

While Mariana took Ash to pack, I went back to the docking bay.  Stepping over the Black Suit Major I took time to look at him.  “Damn Fred, what idiot made you an Officer?  No answer, Too Bad So Sad!  Look at it this way, you finally found your Peters Plateau”    Moving on, I began to search the storage lockers in the bay.    Four lockers in I found what I wanted, the internal repeater they had taken down.  Over the wristcomp, “Mariana, found the repeater.  I am going to remount it.  Will keep you apprised, keep Ash on a leash.”

The reply, “Like the Hound Dog he is!  No problem.  Find me a damn Bar!”

Moving in to the elevator I went down the shaft we had ascended so short a time before.  Thinking to myself it’s finally over, I hope!  When the elevator stopped I stepped out to be passed by Dr. Van Vogt and several non-shooter colonists rushing upwards.  At least Medical Bay’s supplies were not going to go to waste.  Proceeding down the corridor I eventually reached JJ standing not 10 feet from where I had removed the repeater.

“Hi, Guy!  Any problems?”  “Nope lots of traffic going back and forth but, nothing that I couldn’t handle!”

“Great, let me get this up and see if it fixes the link!  Mounting the misplaced repeater, I watched as the status lights went through the reboot then the network reorder.  As the Comm. Light settled into a steady blink I keyed the wristcomp, “Bridge, Stuart here.  You should now have direct Comms to the captured ship.  Be advised, Dr. Van Vogt already onboard.”  “Stuart, Bridge here.  Comms confirmed, the Dr. in charge of recovery operations!”  “Bridge, Stuart Roger I am retiring at best speed.  Bringing my problem with me, will assume responsibility.”  “Bridge, Aye!”

“BREAK,  Anybody know where there is a functioning Bar?”

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