Bar’s Open!

     Jules said, “The troops are going to be mighty thirsty after this and need a place to wind down.  Let’s be ready for them.”  Unsure I called the bridge “Bridge Parker, may I enquire as to the ship’s status?”  “Parker Bridge, you may rest assured that the Mayflower is at normal security; combat operations are over!”   I checked with Glenda and found out that the Lounge was located at Deck 3, B19 cross 22.   She said that it was secured, and okay to retrieve the Lancer’s and pillaged bar stock.  We’d give them a heroes welcome.  Glasses ready, bring on the Guiness, G&T, and even McPherson’s. “Parker, To All, Bar’s open at Deck3 B19 cross 22!” 

     Slowly the warriors returned.  Each with their own story.

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