All Aboard For Alchibah

All Aboard For Alchibah
By The Reporter

TITAN DRY DOCKS - 12.2.52 — The Mayflower is safely in the hands of the colonists, following the brave and necessary efforts of many against the UNWG goons who had boarded in advance to wait in ambush. Their numbers were too limited for confrontation with armed and determined people refusing to be cowed.Alarming though it may be that the UNWG lay in wait, unexpectedly familiar with the Mayflower and our plans, their meddling had a silver lining: capture of one of their cruisers by a daring group of colonists. That supplements the Mayflower’s food, medical and other supplies. It also provides potential insight as to what the UNWG knew and how they knew it, subject to the data being analyzed fully.

Barring further surprises, the Mayflower should soon be on its way. A new world awaits.

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