So this is what a hangover is like.

I have never had a hangover.

Yes, I have had alcohol before, all too much at times. But in my younger years I was also an amateur bike racer. Body fat percentage in the single digits. Resting heart rate somewhere around 40.

Terminally aerobic is a good description.

So I could always burn it off before it hit. The worst ‘morning after’’s I ever had were either due to just plain staying up until dawn and being dog tired, or seeing who I woke up with. (Like I said, all too much alcohol at times…)
But this was something new.

Ever stayed up for two days straight, then slept too little before you had to get up again? Multiply that by about 10 and add a head full of fuzzy fluff and you are in the ballpark.

Lot’s going on. Robots being issued to those that need them immediately, talk of how we set up our group once we disembark.

And apparently an execution that troubles me deeply. We need to fix that. I do not care if it was the captain that issued judgment, that guy should have been judged in a public trial. Then executed, otherwise it is vigilantism, and not a good start to our legal system. How much would it have taken to put him in a pod until we all woke up? And as unlikely as it seems, what if he WAS innocent? Are we running from one murderous tyranny just to create another?
I am not the only one that has bad feelings about that.

There are far too few of us with guns. Thanks UNWG. Wish I had that old shotgun right about now.

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