Cpl. Ariel Samal al-Yaram, now ex-UNWG Marines.

UNWG dossier:

Country of Birth: Jordan

City of Birth: Rašs an Naqb

Religion: Bedouin Muslim

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Dutch *

Education: Appeared to have some weapons training prior to UNWG Marine Basic, further training with Korps Mariniers (Dutch Marines)

Appears untrainable; has been assigned several duty stations and specialties; forcibly removed from such training within one to nine days of completing same.

Effective rank of Corporal ordered after demotion from Technical Sergeant and expulsion from counterintelligence/cryptography school in a record five days from commencement. Rumor exists that Cpl al-Yaram retained files. Search of personal effects failed to reveal any files. Schools attended: Basic (completed) Advanced Training (complete) Communications (Transferred - incomplete) Medical (Transferred ­ incomplete) Mechanical/Repair (Transferred ­ incomplete) Airborne (Transferred ­ disciplinary ­ awarded completion under protest) Space Service ­ Fleet (complete) Survival (Transferred ­ disciplinary ­ incomplete) Space Service ­ EVA (complete ­ disciplinary ­ 30 days incarceration/20 days suspended sentence) Counterintelligence (transferred ­ disciplinary ­ incomplete ­ Investigatory Hearing scheduled, adjourned without hearing or determination)

Personal: al-Yaram is a disciplinary problem of the first order. Highest rank promoted to is Staff Sergeant; demoted to basic Private twice, always is near or at the center of any problems, especially were fellow troops are disciplined for failure to obey lawful authority. Under suspicion for two training deaths, one of a senior enlisted in command (was court-martialed on a lesser included offense, time served and probationary year passed without incident allowing for application of suspended sentence), where interpersonal conflict may have lead to those deaths. Is rumored to speak multiple languages, including Hebrew, but this has been unable to be substantiated.

Last Service posting: Deep space mission to recover fugitives from the Hilton Orbital Resort Bombings.

End of File

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