How would you like to live you life being Second Best. I got my first Ph.D. on my 18th Birthday; My Cousin got his Medal of Honor on the same day. I was Second Best again!

I became the most dangerous Fighter Jock that had ever lived. My Cousin wound up being my Commander, Second Best again. The most Space-to-Space kills ever recorded and I was second fiddle. Taxi Driver to the most Dangerous Fire Team that ever lived, thatıs what I was. Not only that, she decided that I was the little Brother she had never had.

We made the big break when the UNWG wanted us to go get a blockade-runner that all I wanted to do was help. Andy never did tell me his name. Only the Commander ever got the name of the target.

Of course, we resigned rather that hunt this guy. Once again, second best, I could not get out! Momıs health needs kept me chained. Hell, Andy could have bought the Hospital if the UNWG controlled Health Plan would have let him.

So I stayed in and slammed out my Third Ph.D. out of boredom while I worked an R&D, Plans and Training job. Then Mom died.

The Assholes at UNWG had me back in re-qualifications the next day. Slapped me right into a mission to stop R. J. Hamiltonıs Renegades right out of the chute.

I docked the tub just as ordered, and then I saw Big Sis on the View Screen.

Glory Be, How far behind could Cuz be?

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