Hanna & Jules Parker

Biography: Hanna and Julius Parker

After I got my BS from MSU, I married Jules and life seemed nearly perfect. After two years, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Kara, and the following year, Jules Jr. came along. Both kids were a joy, and life was good. Money was sometimes tight, but we were content for the mostpart.

Jules was a middle school teacher, so we had no problem relocating when I got my slot at UNWG in population planning. I worked there for 35 years. Initially, I thought I was making the world a better place.......

After Kara married, she went to the board for permission for her fist child. That was when my problems started. She was denied: │potential▓ genetic problems. All of our pleading and applying to the proper departments was for naught. World population as it was, left no chance for us. Of course the upper level didn╣t even have to go through screening. I was devastated, but it was worse for Kara. The marriage was dissolved. Kara, unable to stand the pain, killed herself. I could never forgive or forget. Through all of the agony, Jules and my faith were my strength.

Then Junior married and had three daughters. I did my best not to grieve for Kara, and the children she never bore. But as more time passed, my religious beliefs became more and more at odds with the UNWG. Today, it stops.

Jules and I are leaving the oppression. I pray Jules Jr. and his wife will accompany us, to go to a better place.

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