The Historian

I'm an old man, now. Once upon a time I was somebody important, or so I thought. I worked hard, made money and when I spoke, people listened. I've reached the stage of my life where I would prefer to keep quiet and to do the listening myself.

Since landing on the planet Alchibah with my fellow travelers, I am in awe of those around me and believe that an historic event such as this needs a clear record provided for those who follow. What could have possessed us to leave Mother Earth, the planet we used to call home. I think a written record of what we dream for, try to do, accomplish, is called for.

God knows I have my own reasons for coming here with the others to create a new world, to struggle on my (our!) own to form a new civilization not subject to the whims of an all controlling world government, but I will not bore you with those thoughts of mine.

Here is an opportunity, a chance for humans to start again. I will try to limit my own opinions in this record and only report on what is actually happening, not what I wish was happening. All of us have egos and mine imagines that centuries from now -- centuries as measured on our new planet -- scholars will need an unbiased history of what we went through, how we survived, how we (I sincerely hope) prospered.

Because I am constantly scribbling about what I see and hear, the others have taken to calling me "The Historian". I will try my best.

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