First I was a hot-shot student. I got every degree I ever got on Academic Scholarships! Then I was a damn good ER Doc. After that I was a Surgeon and a damn good one. Then I ignored the UNWG guidelines over what I could fix and what I could not!

Reduced to simple appendectomies and bone repairs I was ripe when my wife broached the idea of leaving. She is something, Shock/Trauma Level 4 certified and one of the best Lab Techs around even she was being suppressed by the UNWG. She had no concept of treatment going by political reliability!

Now here we are on this godforsaken moonlet, The UNWG has tried to kill us three times. Dr. Van Vogt a UNWG agent. I guess I should not blame them for not trusting an MD but damn it I can not get over it!

So here I am, doing GP work in Cyro, waking up people in an assembly line because we need an MD here. Meanwhile, my wife and a trumped up Bio-Scientist, (Who, is more Killer than Scientist); while I am doing dump work.

Pardon me if I do not understand!

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