The Reporter

How do you interpret and uphold the law once the law goes seriously wrong, and worse, they pressure you to bend good law in a bad way; their way. I fled judging rather than being a tool of the state, not that they'd have let me remain had they learned what I was doing on the side.

That's how I came to be a respected arbitrator in private matters, where the state had not yet claimed undue interest. It made my hobby safer, though with free speech a dinosaur in the asteroidal aftermath of power politics, not really safe. Always handy with computers and communications, and something of a frustrated writer, I took to writing online, and other activities, even when it meant some of us had to cobble together a surreptitious alternative to "online," and some of it had to go offline.

I've been more fortunate than some, having a relatively large, private, secluded property. Not that I'm a practicing survivalist type, but I enjoy dabbling in light farming I grew up around, and I've always been an armchair, what-if survivalist. Hope that's enough for this mission...

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