I grew up on a small family run Midwestern farm. Many wouldnšt think 800 acres small but in terms of the Corporate Mega-farms it didnšt even register. My parents and my wife Judith supported much of the good in the UNWG as did I until I saw a way of life being abolished by the perversion of law for the benefit of the powerful.

I tried to change things. I ran for election with JudithŒs support, first to my own local Township and later for Statewide office as a State Representative. I found that if I was to get support for a proposal to help me and my neighbors I had to surrender on a dozen other issues I held just as dear.

The final straw, what drove me as it did all of the rest of you, to flee Earth was the quota system that would have kept my son from moving to a different field and out of the dead end of farming. I could have made a deal I think, but maybe not. So instead of just giving up, my wife Judith and I decided to take the only option we could live with. Life on a new planet and the chance for a better future.

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