I am Sinopa Blackfeather, of the Kainai Nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Ever since I can remember Išve been more at home out of doors than in. The fields and streams and, most of all, the forests of Southern Alberta are where I grew up. My parents were killed in an accident when I was ten and my baby brother Okanai and I went to live with my grandfather. I will always love my parents, but I feel that is when truly started to grow. Grandfather taught Okanai and I how to move silently among dry leaves, see tracks where no one else could, become invisible in plain sight and sense, [in italics]feel[in italics] changes in the world around us.

When they found rich tar sand deposits on the our peoplešs land and decided they could find a more profitable use for it grandfather, by then age 90, had had enough. While most of our people were led away he took the few true scouts and warriors left, those of us that still remembered the old ways, and disappeared into the wilderness. To this day they have not gotten a drop of oil out of that land. That was the beginning of the Blackfoot rebellion and the chain of events that led me to forming what has come to be known as the Fox Pack.

We know that the resistance will almost certainly fail. It is a loosing battle, but one that must be fought. I came to Alchibah because if it should fail we cannot allow the teachings of our people to die with us. Here, at least, I will have a chance of surviving and passing grandfatheršs knowledge on.

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