I was a Soldier; in fact, the last Commander of the U. S. Special Operations Command before it was absorbed by the UNWG. Right to the end I was still an Operator, with my Spotter and our Pilot, we were the most feared Team in Space! Right before the absorption we were given what would be our first mission for UNWG Space Operations. Hunt down and eliminate a smuggler working the Belt and the Martian Colonies!

As we orbited for Moon Base for the formalities, we studied the Intelligence Packet on this Target. We promptly were stunned; this Guy had done nothing wrong. They were supposed to send us after Bad Guys, not some guy smuggling food and medicines through an unpublicized and probably illegal Blockade!

Ash said it best, "The only way I am gonna hunt this guy down is to help him!" We resigned rather than go to the UNWG and have to take this mission! We hopped transport to Earth and the next day my Spotter and I got married. Yeah, the only Spotter who ever was able to keep up with me without getting killed was a Female.

I went back to being a Communications Engineer. Mariana blackballed by the UNWG out of her Medical / Bio-Research background, went into Real Estate. Ash got cornered into staying in so his Mom could get health care!

Then we started getting feelers from R. J. Hamilton about a wild idea called Alchibah!

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