Colony: Alchibah

Alc3 as seen from one of the moons.

Observations about the planet taken by colonist William Bartlett from the Encyclopedia:

Alc3. Distance from Alchibah: 201,388,000 miles with a 2,443,000 mile eccentricity.

Orbital Period: 923 days.

Axial inclination: 12 degrees. This should have a moderating influence on seasonal temperature variations.

Diameter: 6.960 miles.

Surface Gravity: .98 Earth standard. The planet is slightly, about 11%, denser than Earth so an elevated heavy metal concentration is likely.

Planetary Day: 19.81 (Earth) hours.

Surface Characteristics: 72% water 28% land. Two major Continents and numerous Islands of varying size. Temperature on average about 2 degrees colder than Earth.

Climate: From Tropical to Arctic.

Atmosphere: 23% Oxygen, 72% Nitrogen, 5% various.

Number of Moons: 2

Moon 1 Oliver Dia. 950 miles. Orbital Radius 138,000 miles. Period 13.38 days.

Moon 2 Carter Dia. 185 miles. Orbital Radius 16,926 miles. Period 13.56 hours.

More initial information can be found here.

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