And So It Begins…

DNA Testing.

Oh, the excuse is plausible enough. It’s true, we don’t have a Class 3 Lab available, and yes, there is a real danger of both virusses and prions from an alien ecosphere causing us all sorts of problems.

I just didn’t expect “Genetic Health” monitoring to begin so soon, especially amongst this bunch of Anarchists. Logic tells me it’s Murphy at work, rather than some UNWG mole. Said hypothetical mole, should they exist (probability approaches certainty) would have other, bigger Fish to fry at this point.

I’m supposed to be smarter than the average mutant, but it never occured to me to bring along a vial of bogus genetic material as cover. I thought I’d have lots of time before something like this happened.

I’m still not thinking at full capacity, my hormone swings slowly damping after cryosuspension but nowhere near normal. I mustn’t make any permanent decisions when my IQ is effectively reduced. Darnit, it’s hard acting in a crisis when my intellect is so impaired.

Stall, Zoe, Stall. Maybe I can volunteer as a Lab technician and do some creative record keeping. The system they’re keeping the records on is a doddle to crack, but dare I risk false data endangering others lives? No, not even for self-preservation. I’ll have to find some other way. After all, I’m almost the same as the standard H.Sap. Human according to most medical measures, just a few things slightly askew. After the Black Market surgery, DNA’s the only thing that would give me away.
Sitting here crying, moaning about the unfairness of the Universe, wondering if there’s a place in the whole Godforsaken Galaxy where it’s safe for someone for me to exist is not an optimal course of action. It’s the ‘mones causing it of course.

Stall. Try to make yourself useful. Try to make friends, so if the secret comes out, they may not vivisect you. After all, some genetic diversity is useful when facing unknown threats. Useful to the species though, individuals can get the Rough End of Life’s Big Pineapple.

Darn I’m not thinking straight. I’ve just got to stall until I am.

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