Double Trouble!

“Hey, what’s all the excitement about,” exclaimed Histy.

Jules said, “Well, Histy, if I had a cigar to give away, you’d be smokin’ a stogie right now. Hanna and I just became great-grandparents to twins. The lit’le darlings are Alex and Angie.”

“Does that mean drinks on the house?”

“Sure” Hanna said. “…in your dreams! Actually, we need help with brainstorming. Linda asked me to figure out clothes for the wee ones. I knitted a few outfits, but what we really need is fabric. And what we need immediately are nappies; lots of nappies.”

“And we’ll need a laundry.” Jules said. “Do we hang the diapers out to dry? I sure don’t relish getting slapped in the face by a wet nappy. What about ‘dirty birds’?”

Histy commented that he had heard Mariana say that machine drying did a better job at sanitation, which was why all Hospitals used it for reusables.

Hanna stared at the air for a moment, “Jules, will you hand me that fancy phone. I think I need to talk to Andrew Stuart!”

Briefing Room, Ash Andrews’ Place

“I just can’t believe that this crowd never thought about Washers and Dryers!” Andy said.

“Here we sit working on plans that will shake Space Warfare for Generations and we forget the basics. Just fer example, who in here does not have a pregnant wife?”

The only raised hand was Gabe’s and he cracked, “Matter of time you know!”

“Anybody,” Andy continued, “feel like doing or listening to the griping about diapers?”

This time there were no hands in the air.

“Right, crash project time Gentlemen. Walt, sheet metal box components for Washers and Dryers. Tim, Printed Circuit Boards or equivalent for the Controls. Gabe, Sand casting for the Drums. I’ll handle the agitator gears and the step timers for the control units. Ash, heater elements for the Dryers.

“Above all things Guys; not perfect but, by Thursday!”

Several Days Later

Jules said, “JJ and Gabe are just putting finishing touches on cribs for the kids. Em had good ideas about what she wanted. I sure admire her – that gal’s got lots of guts, and spirit too.”

Liza sidled up to Hanna, “Grandma, it was scary. I could tell by Mom’s face that Emily was having problems. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my sister, or the babies. I prayed real hard.”

“Dear, some of life’s difficulties we face with friends, others we face alone. Have faith – and you’ll do just fine, and so will Emily. Now let’s go see those babies, ‘Aunt’ Liza.” Hanna was about to take her to Em when little Karyn came running around the corner. “My goodness, you seem in a hurry, honey.”

“Is it true?” Karyn cried. “The other kids said I have to wash the dirty diapers. I’m just a little kid. I love Emily, but that’s too hard. They said the babies won’t love me if I don’t do it.”

Hanna gave her a reassuring hug, “Karyn, your only ‘job’ is to welcome the twins into the family. Trust me – they will love you without your having to wash diapers. Aunts are special family members for nieces and nephews. You can help if you want to.”

“Enough of this talk about crappy pants. Let’s get to it – nappies are stacking up. Where’s the soap? Time’s a’wasting,” bellowed Ash, standing and grinning in front of the shiny new Washer and Dryer!

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