Division of Labor

So we’ve got three main groups now within the camp: the people who are leading getting things done, those that are helping, and those that are not.  Luckily, those of us who are helping outnumber those who aren’t.  We’re all pretty smart and don’t need a lot of supervision, once given instructions and whatnot, and the camp is coming along nicely as a result.

Those that aren’t helping may have been smart in their line of work back on Earth, but they’re morons here.  They are more interested in their life being the same as it was instead of accepting that things are different now and we’re all in this together (and equal).

There are also a couple of camps within this group: those that help a bit, but you can tell they are up to something else entirely (Jack’s posse, whom I like to call the Snakes) and those that really do nothing (Les’ group, whom I call the Howells, which is a reference to an old Earth TV show).

So the Howells keep talking about moving to another location.  Ha!  I’d love to see how long they last.  If they do decide to relocate, I think I’ll take bets on how long it’ll be until they come crawling back — that should be fun.

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