JJ Jumps In

 JJ Parker

“Filler ‘er up?” Junior asked Rocco.  ‘Most everyone else had gone to their corners or into cliques.  Andy and Travis on one hand; Reyes and Buchanan on another.  As we glanced around the room, our eyebrows raised and Rocco said “I’d sure like to be the fly on the wall behind those guys.” 

Political intrigue and all that.  I thought to myself, which was better – to watch from the outside and hope that the upcoming candidates would be “alright” [I don’t trust some of them], or should I throw my hat into the ring?   “I see lots of tongues wagging, probably of promises being made that won’t be kept.  No use trying to outguess our fellow colonists.  Tell me, which colonists do you want on the council?”

“You, for one.”

“That’s a surprise.  Maybe I should think about it.”

“Maybe you should.”

And to myself I thought, “..and this time mention it to Linda before volunteering for another committee.”  I’d step forward just to prevent someone like Jack the Blade from getting on.  But I wonder what the format is for voting; I’d sure hate to pull votes away from someone like Histy.  With all the conniving going on during lunch, is this any different or better than on earth?  Time will tell. ….. and so will the votes.

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