Get the Parts, Make a Commitment

Travis thought Andy was right.  Slizzard chewed like Pork and tasted closer to Beef.

“Uh, Capt. can I have a moment?”

Travis turned and said, “Of course but who are you?”

“My name’s Walt Davis Sir.  Used to go by Wirehead, till I got with a better crowd.”

Travis grinned, that little episode was one of the favorite items of gossip at the party.  “What can I do for you Mr. Davis?”

“Well Sir, we need a couple of parts for a project I am trying to do for Dr. Ash Andrews and Dr. Kurt Kellerman.   Col. Stuart said to make it a private transaction so Dr. Stuart didn’t see the request go though Council.  The Col. says he will hunt you down a whole damn slizzard for the meat and find someone to make you a new pair of boots outta the hide.”

“Must be something pretty important!” Travis said.

“Well Sir,” Walt stammered, “what I need is three high turn ratio potentiometers, variable resistors, with a max resistance of 100 Ohms and rated for 5 Watts.  The motor adjustment pots for those Bots hanging from the chains would be about perfect.  What we are trying to do is build Dr. Kellerman’s rig to kill one of those damn intelligent non-removable sterilization implants the UNWG used.  From what I know, this is what got Kellerman in hot water with the damn Goonies.  Ash got some RF stuff from Andy and I am doing the tech work.”

Travis said, “Well now, Mr. Davis, I know we have a large  supply of robot replacement parts on the ship, plus Dr. Gibbes physics lab has closets full of junk.  I’m returning to the ship in the morning and will scrounge those potts up for you.  I’ll be back down tomorrow afternoon with them.”  He paused, smiled, and added, “Oh, and tell Andy I wear a size 11 E…”

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